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Late summer in the jar – Hettys delicious Blueberry-Pear-Trifle


Well, this recipe is not really a 100% a trifle – at least I think so (you’re right says Anna who inserted the link), but to be sure I’d need to look up what a trifle is and I’m too lazy for that – but I’m calling it a trifle. Usually my Mum does this recipe with raspberries, but for my birthday dinner I chose to go with blueberries. Why? Simply because they are my favorite berries and I was in the mood – and I had them at home, so no extra shopping for lazy Hetty.

Here’s what you need for a big casserole full of my trifle:

Trifle the lighter way
Trifle the lighter way

1 pack frozen blueberries
1 can of sugared pears
500 g plain yogurt 0,1% fat
400 ml cream
Some brown sugar

Put the frozen blueberries into a big casserole and spread them well. Cut the pears into little bits and mix them with the blueberries in the casserole. Whisk the cream and mix with the yogurt. Pour over the blueberries and pears.

Sprinkle the upper surface of the trifle with the brown sugar until evenly dusted. Place in the fridge and let sit for at least 4 hours, better overnight. Enjoy!

Trifle in a jar
Trifle in a jar

PS: For my birthday I made this trifle in little glass jars (as you can see in the pictures), but this is just a good idea for a very small number of people. So usually we do it in the big casserole as my whole family loves this trifle. ~Hetty~


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