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Cold beetroot soup that gets you moving (plus a warm beetroot salad)

Cold beetroot soup
Cold beetroot soup

Do you remember my goal list? I had put that I wanted to learn more about medical plants and kitchen herbs, their uses and how we can benefit from them. For a while now I have experienced the positive effect beetroot has on my overall well-being. Whenever I feel shiftless and need a push, there is a strange desire to eat beets. I would not call it a craving, there is no little voice in my head saying “Eat beet”. Unlike the voice which tells me to eat chocolate…

Anyway, doing some research on the subject I found my assumption confirmed: at the beginning of the 20th century some german physicians prescribed beet as a cure for debility. Says this article and also mentions positive effects on dermatitis and infectious deseases. Beet is antibacterial, good for the blood and increases the body’s defenses. When eaten in big amounts. Oh, well. Beetroot juice also helps lower blood pressure as you can read in this English article

Back to my soup. I actually found the inspiration for this in my local newspaper. So who said it’s the end of print journalism..?

Vegan root soup
Vegan root soup

Cold beetroot soup
6 cooked beetroots
0,5 l oat or soy milk
some yoghurt, dairy or your favorite alternative
salt & pepper
lots of chives

Blend the beetroot with the milk in the food processor. Add four tablespoons of yoghurt and season with salt and pepper, blend until the soup is smooth. Place the soup in the refrigerator for 15 minutes – or as long as you like. I ate it at room temperature, too, however prefer the chilled version.

Chop the chives and strip the thyme, if you use the fresh herb. Sprinkle the soup with thyme and chives, when serving. Maybe add another spoon of yoghurt for prettyness sake… So good!

Chives and beetroot vegan soup
Chives and beetroot vegan soup

Lately I have also been, ahem, experimenting with Hettys recipe for beetroot salad. I went grocery shopping thinking “beetroot and feta, beetroot and feta” and left the store with those two and… cookies. A girl’s got to have her sugar fix, no?

Anyway, I sliced two beets, put some honey in a pan, added the beets and after a moment the cubed feta. I seasoned with olive oil and white balsamic vinegar as well as Provencal herbs, salt and peeper. Delish, let me tell you! Thanks Hetty for inspiring me! ~Anna~

PS: Don’t forget to tell me if you’ve been dancing ’round the house after eating that soup, will you?


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