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J(ohannisbeer)&K(affee)-Jelly, when redcurrant meets coffee

Redcurrant & Coffee Jelly
Redcurrant & Coffee Jelly

How about not having coffee with your jam, but having coffee in your jam? Sounds right up your alley? Then my jelly/jam creation might be your new best breakfast friend. I had already made 10 jars of our regular only redcurrant jam and the supply in the juice extractor was still not coming to an end. So I searched the net for inspiration for a special redcurrant jam. I would not have minded chocolate in it. So see, what I found and made of it.

J&K-Jelly inspired by this recipe
100 ml coffee (I used what was left over from the morning)
100 ml apple juice
500 ml redcurrant juice
3 sachets of vanilla sugar or a table spoon of vanilla exctract
a generous splash of chocolate sauce
1 package gelling sugar

Pour the juices and the coffee into a pot, add the vanilla sugar and gelling sugar and let cook and cool according to directions on the package. Generously add chocolate sauce and pour the jelly into sterilized jars. Close and let them cool while being upside down. Enjoy on warm bagels, crunchy bread rolls or homemade bread Yum!

J&K Jelly
J&K Jelly

Only when I starting to put labels on the jars I realized that J&K are also the initials of my second cousin and his beachvolleyball partner, Jonathan Erdmann and Kay Matysik. Fun! ~Anna~


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