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One necklace a week: The wooden beads necklace

Wooden beads necklace
Wooden beads necklace

This handmade necklace got me into dreaming. Just look at the colors! Look at how pretty they are, not only just halfway painted but the next one in line matches the previous. What a beauty of a necklace! Can you blame me for wanting one, too?

“Once you make a decision the universe conspires to make it come true” Ralph Waldo Emerson
So it did. During my girls weekend in the Netherlands I talked about things I was going to make and what supplies I still needed. And there – as if by magic – my friend Christin presented this wooden balls necklace she did not wear any longer. For some reason this necklace brought its own idea of a design with it: I wanted stripes on it.

Striped beads necklace
Striped beads necklace

You’ll need
wood beads in different sizes
nail polish and top coat
– or acrylic paint plus small paintbrush –

How to
Wouldn’t it be cool if you’re necklace colors matched your toe and fingernails? I thought so, too! So I picked my most summery nail polish colors and painted them in stripes onto the beads. No, stop: I taped a little more than one third of a bead in order to get a stripe about 1/3 of the width of the bead. Got it? Basically you just cover those spots of the bead where you don’t want any color to go. Now, that sounds easier… than it is. But it was wort the effort. The other option is free hand painting, and as always you do what you want.

You paint the stripes, let them dry and put on a layer of a top coat, glossy or matte as you like. When the color has completely dried carefully take off the tape. String your beads together with necklace chain, yarn, ribbons or elastic band. Put on, have fun! And paint those nails accordingly..! ~Anna~

To make the necklace that got me inspired you can just follow the steps here

Shh, I challenged myself to make and post one necklace a week for this month of September! Join the fun!


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