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Lemony happy hour with a basil cocktail

Basil lemon cocktail
Basil lemon cocktail

It’s almost the weekend! And what’s a better welcome the weekend than a cocktail? To celebrate the end of summer and all the good things that come with it I made a cocktail with lemon and basil! Basil? Yes! I tasted this super delicious drink a couple of weeks ago in Aachens Bar Hildegart and decided to make my own version. And as promised there are only ingredients you should be able to get pretty much all around the globe, or as far as I have travelled…
Looks weird - tastes yummy
Looks weird – tastes yummy

You’ll need
1 lemon
2 hands of basil leaves (at least)


Make lemon syrup and let it cool down. In the meantime extract the juice out of the basil leaves with a pestel. Distribute the basil puree into two tumblers, add three or four tablespoons of lemon syrup and a good splash of vodka. Fill up with chilled soda. Serve with ice. I used frozen redcurrant juice in the shape of Berlin traffic lights people…
Happy happy hour!
Happy happy hour!

I can’t wait for the weekend to begin! ~Anna~


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