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Let’s talk guys’ gifts: The beer cake

Hello and happy saturday! Let’s talk about guys presents today, shall we? They can be a pain if you a) don’t know the person well enough or if he b) does not have any interests that are affordable or gift-wise manageable. I am sure you have found your own ways of handling this. After all it occurs pretty frequently, with birthdays, christmas and name days and so on. There is always the option of a giftcard, but if not especially requested I find them pretty boring. Thankfully both Etsy and DaWanda have sections on guys gifts that have often saved me – thank you! And then there is my love for giving cakes, yummy cakes. Have you ever heard of the beer cake? No? I only encountered it on Pinterest a few days ago and it is not the cake you would usually expect me making…

Beer cake
Beer cake

So I made a beer cake today. I only made a small one because I was originally going to transport it on my bike. But you can make it as many stories high as you like…

You’ll need
beer cans
paper plate or a cardboard circle

How to
Simply place the beer cans on the paper plate (for my smal cake I used five cans), tie the ribbon around and fill the hole in the middle with sweets. Decorate with more candy. I you search beer cake on pinterest you will find many more beer cake creations.

Making a cake with beer cans
Making a cake with beer cans

This is fun and very simple to make. It can also stand in when your mail-ordered gift has not arrived on time or if you need a last minute host gift or you name it. ~Anna~


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