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Annas 25 things to look forward to in fall

Fall. I always find it hard to make the transition from those last summer days and my favorite season to the time of falling leaves. So in order to encourage me and you, dear reader, to embrace and make the best of autumn, I gathered some reasons to love this season.

Looking forward to fall
Looking forward to fall
  • 1) Crisp air, chilly mornings, still warm days.
    2) Get those pretty cardigans back out of the closet. They have been hidden long enough.
    3) The fruit. Apples, pears, plums, do I need to say more?
    4) Apple tarts. Pear Hélène. Plum butter.
    5) Trees changing color. Beautiful leaves falling slowly
    6) Fall crafts with chestnuts, leaves and PUMPKINS!
    7) Raschelspaziergänge. Walks through fallen leaves, that make this noise that says “autumn” so nicely.
    8) Reading books under cuddly blankets with a cup of hot cocoa.
    9) Early nightfall. Makes me feel less guilty doing more of number 8.
    10) Pantyhose/tights. Woolen socks. Sturdy shoes and ankle boots. Yes, I do love those, too.
    11) City trips: Le Havre, I’m coming!
    12) Back to school excitement (not for me though…)
    13) Spending more time in my pretty home and make it even nicer.
    14) Making jams and chutneys and freezing that overdose of cakes.
    15) Really enjoying – rather than taking for granted as in summer – those last warm days.
    16) More time with friends as everybody has come back from vacation.
    17) Go on a treasure-hunt to look for the first chestnuts and akorns.
    18) Fall goals. I want to create a wardrobe for colder days, that I find just as inspiring, colorful and full of varied patterns as in the warmer season.
    19) Watch more movies, listen to more music
    20) Carving pumpkins and decorating autumnally
    21) Windy days and fall storms and afterwards the sun sparkling in puddles
    22) Knitting!
    23) Looking forward to my favorite holiday of the year. Christmas!
    24) Those colors ORANGE and candles, lots of candles!
    25) New adventures. I will be teaching a blogging class at my local community college!

Pretty impressive, dear autumn! This will be my inspiration and to do list for the coming months. What are you looking forward to in fall? ~Anna~


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