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One necklace a week: the button necklace

The button necklace
The button necklace

Yay, I love this “one necklace a week” feature already! This button necklace was in the back of my mind since I returned from Lake Geneva in july. At the train station in Geneva there was a lady wearing a beautiful necklace made from buttons. I wanted to make one immediately. So here is necklace two of “one necklace a week” (you can find the first one here)
Short button necklace
Short button necklace

You’ll need
10 buttons of differents sizes, colors (and shapes)
satin ribbon
(I used those pieces that come in garments to prevent sliding from the hanger)

How to
Choose satin ribbon that matches your buttons in color. I like a silvery grey, purple and burgundy to go with my red, baby pink and rose colored buttons. The ribbon pieces should be about 20 cm (8 inches) in length. Depending on the lenght of the necklace it takes four 8 inch pieces for a short necklace and five pieces for the longer version. If not sure which one you prefer make the longer one. You can tie it behind your neck for a short necklace look as I did in the picture above.

Now arrange the buttons. The biggest diameter button should be the bottom one. Layer two smaller buttons on top for the two side pieces. Arrange one big button with just one tiny one on top for the “pendant” or middle piece. Two tiny buttons will make “dividers” between the big ones. My tiny buttons do not have holes but hooks on the back, this way all the holes will be unseen. If your smallest buttons have holes I suggest you make tiny satin ribbon bows to finish.

Satin ribbon and buttons necklace
Satin ribbon and buttons necklace

The middle section with the buttons is made from two pieces of satin ribbon that meet in the middle under the tiny button. Take one piece of your middle section color satin ribbon and string it through ONE hole of a big button beginning on the back side of the button. Place a smaller button on top and string through one of its holes. Place the smallest button on top and string back through the second holes of each button and come out at the back of the biggest button. (If your buttons have four holes just forget about holes three and four.) Writing the process down makes it seem way more complicated than it really is! String on a small button. Repeat this with the second part of middle section ribbon.

The pendant: String one of the prepared ribbon pieces through a hole of the big button, again from the backside. The small button which is already on the ribbon should be between the finished button (i.e. the side piece) and the one you are running in now. On top of the new big button place a small on and tie a tiny knot after having it strung in! Make another tiny knot to secure and repeat the action with the other part of ribbon and the other hole of the big middle button. Run the ribbon through the small button from the other side. And the middle section is done! (The tiny knots will show which works great with the knots you are going to make now…)

Long button necklace
Long button necklace

With tiny knots or bows tie together the other pieces of satin ribbon to finish your necklace. Please leave me a comment if something is unclear. Happy necklace stringing! ~Anna~

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