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Stamping: The pink bubble pants

Pink bubble pants
Pink bubble pants

I am so excited to finally share this post! When I bought these pants way back in, um, february I only did so to stamp on them. But as things always turn out differently than planned: while still figuring out wether to stamp flamingos, love doves or anchors I fell in love with wearing the baby pink pants plain as they were. So for that time being I made star spangled jeans and later doily painted pants.

Then one day – it was summer by now and too warm to wear them – it hit me: I would stamp soap bubbles on the baby pink pants. And also I knew exactly how I would do this, no stamp making involved, but using shot glasses. My mum has an impressive collection of glassware and among them different sized and differently rimmed shot glasses. Deal.

Bubble stamped pants
Bubble stamped pants

You’ll need
3 shot glasses with different diameters
fabric paint (I used “Sunny” in white by Javana Textil)
a plastic container or a saucer
pencil / tape

Supllies for stamping bubble pants
Supllies for stamping bubble pants

How to
Prepare: Wash and dry your pants and iron them to have a flat, easily printable surface. With your pants either flat or worn, mark with a pencil or tape where you want the bubbles to be.
Marking bubble places
Marking bubble places

I opted for spaced and mostly in pairs as real soap bubbles love to stick to another, don’t they?

Stamp: Now pour some paint (you won’t need much) into a shallow little plastic container or onto a saucer. Place the pants flat on your work surface dip a shot glass lightly into the paint and them stamp. Be careful not to drip!

Stamping bubbles
Stamping bubbles

If you push the glass with the paint somewhat into the fabric you will get thicker, closed circles while a light setting of the glass gives a thinner bubble, possibly with holes. Change glasses (read: diameters) so no two close bubbles have the same diameter.

When one side is done – let dry. Repeat the steps of stamping on the backside and let dry again. While the pants are drying find a spot where you can hang them to dry after the next step – without having them touch anything (clothes line would be a great option).

Put the pants on and stamp on the sides (i.e. the seam) to have bubbles all around. Carefully take off the pants and hang to dry. Once they have completely dried iron according to the fabric paints instructions. And then you’re done!

Yay for bubble pants
Yay for bubble pants

All this only happened a short time ago and I was lucky I still got to wear my bubble pants with my white vintage top and flats (Primark). For the colder days I plan to wear them with a jean shirt and eventually a cream and pink sweater and … oh, the possibilities!

When Hetty took the photos we were on the way to an outside screening of “The Great Gatsby” – can you tell how excited I am? ~Anna~


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