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Time flies: I have been working for half a year on my birthday list

Yoghurt with mango pulp
Yoghurt with mango pulp

I cannot believe it has already been six months that I am 28. Yikes. I had been doing real good working on my goals when I repostet the list only one month into the game. Let’s see how far I have gotten in six months and what still needs to be accomplished.

In my birthday list post on March 15 on my old site I already mentioned Hula Seventy and her list ideas.

1 learn how to scuba dive // I know now where I want to learn, that’s one step in the right direction

2 plant my own little balcony garden it did not turn out exactly as I had planned but it was ok for the first year

3 make a list of party music and keep it updated made a list of party music from the 50s til today with Hettys help, need to work on updating

4 listen to one song a day that makes me dance and sing I have to remind myself and continue this

5 learn to play a song by heart on the piano – that’s a good one for those rainy autumn days working on it

6 learn how to dive-turn while swimming // one day!

7 write / finish that book // I no longer feel my subject nor the desire to write a book

8 try new veggies cooked with turnip greens (a type of lettuce) on friday, still want to try so many others like yellow beets!

9 go on a trip with my best friend Sarah and I went to Prague

10 do a photo course done

11 give more handmade gifts I am giving homemade stuff, it is even more fun than buying!

12 build a balcony table (and maybe a dining one too?!) // in a bigger space in another time

13 say thank you more often – this is a neverending thing, so I won’t cross it off

14 move the blog it’s here on wordpress and you can follow via bloglovin and find modewaerts on pinterest

15 write at least five posts a week works pretty well so far over, need to continue

16 gain some more self-confidence – is this ever going to end?

17 visit my brother more often been to Frankfurt, what, three times? Now, he’s in Cleveland, Ohio. Little further to travel to…

18 get back together with a friend I lost contact with AMAZING. Those goals that involve another person… So great we both wanted to be in touch again!

19 write more cards and e-mails have sent little gifts to Hetty and Isi

20 jog/walk three times a week some weeks yay, some weeks nay

21 learn more about medical plants always learning

22 paint my bike – well, I might just do this, less messy

23 give the blog a make-over since you are here on the wordpress site you see I succeeded

24 bleach stamp pants and a shirt did bleach on a t-shirt and fabric paint on pants as you saw in yesterdays post

25 add to my picture wall I like it the way it is right now

26 open an online-shop it’s done, welcome to the modewaertsDawanda shop

27 write to do lists every day and stick to them I like weekly plans better now

28 focus on the positive the new mantra

Only 9 more to go? I can do this!!! Happiness!!! Might just push scubadiving to next year, because diving while we have snow, nay… And that dive-turn thing. Hetty and I never went to the pool together this summer, what a shame! So you know, what we will do, my dear, once I come visit you in Le Havre! Happy sunday to everyone! ~Anna~

Note: updated as of march 4, 2014



3 thoughts on “Time flies: I have been working for half a year on my birthday list”

      1. So oder so ähnlich. Oder du schließt dich einfach den ganzen Kitesurfern an die da immer übers Wasser düsen.

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