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The remaining bits of summer: 2 kinds of basil pesto

2 kinds of basil pesto
2 kinds of basil pesto

I can hardly belive I have been keeping this from you for so long: pesto from two very different kinds of basil. It is so good and I just hope you have a chance to get your hands on some purple basil. The story of this started way back on mother’s day when my mum wanted to go to the huge flower and garden store. There was this shrub – or it was rather a little tree already – and it was purple basil. I had not seen anything like it before nor had my parents. And so it went into the shopping cart. Its taste is a lot stronger than green basil – on an insalata caprese it sort of drowns both tomato and mozzarella. While in this pesto it is heavenly…

2 kinds of basil pesto
green basil
purple basil
parmesan cheese or grana padano
olive oil

How to
No quantities today? I would use equal amounts of both kinds of basil and fewer peanuts. Let’s say 2 parts green basil, two parts purple basil and one part peanuts, you get the idea from the photo. Put everything into the blender – peanuts peeled please, cheese grated – and blend. Start with a little olive oil and add more if needed while blending. Season with salt and pepper if you like.

Put the pesto in jars, always keep a puddle of oil on it so it won’t deteriorate and keep refridgerated. Even though it might not last long anyways. At least mine did not…

This is also the first time I do not have a photo of the finished product, right? Seems like it was all eaten before I got a chance to get the camera out… ~Anna~

This way to more pesto

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