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DIY and other fun goals for autumn

Pumkin decoration
Pumkin decoration

Hi there! There is no denying it anymore – even the calender says it’s fall! First leaves are changing color, my little cousin and I went looking for the first akorns and the temperature at night drops to 10° celsius (50F). I have made peace with the transition, bid summer farewell and bought the first pumkins. They are all decor pumpkins only, except for the one on the far left. That’s a tiny hokkaido from my parent’s garden, aka pumpkin soup for one…

Before I got into the mood for fall I had made some fall goals that I have been working on playing with since the beginning of september. Starting september marked autumn for me already as it was then that my dear co-blogger Hetty moved to Le Havre, France… No worries though, she will keep on writing for modewaerts.

Besides these goals I also promised myself to get the last summer posts I have in the pipeline done. So watch out for some cute clothes this week! And then modewaerts will fully indulge in autumnal celebrations! Yay!

My fun fall goals

1) assemble a patterned, textured and colorful winter (fall) wardrobe, which will make the cold grey days fun
2) comment more regularly on other blogs on posts that I truly find special
3) keep up the walking / outdoor time
4) knit lots of hats
5) go to the movies with my little cousin

These are fun goals really. Still it’s good to write them down to keep track on them… Do you have any goals for fall? What do you want to do this autumn? ~Anna~


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