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Summer wrap-up part II: Hettys gingham skirt

Hettys gingham skirt
Hettys gingham skirt

Teaching myself different things is something I really like and that I frequently do. But after knitting and skiing somehow I had reached my limit when I tried sewing on my own…. It’s not that I think I couldn’t learn it by myself, but I wanted to learn it fast (as all the things I wanna learn), and so I decided to do a sewing course. This gingham skirt is the first item I made during that course and I must say that I’m proud. Just a tiny little bit…
A handmade checkered skirt
A handmade checkered skirt

The pattern was from Burda (details coming). The checkered fabric made it very easy to cut the pattern and to sew the skirt as I just had to sew along the lines.
Hettys first Burda skirt
Hettys first Burda skirt

It somehow reminds me of a picnic blanket and I could maybe also wear it as a part of a dirndl… or just every day. This surely won’t be the only skirt I have made from that pattern. ~Hetty~
Easy sewing: gingham skirt
Easy sewing: gingham skirt

PS: shirt: New Look, peeptoe wedges: Tchibo.


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