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Summer wrap-up III: Annas sun kissed girl dessert

Sun kissed girl dessert
Sun kissed girl dessert

My mum has a favorite dessert – both to make and to eat – and she calls it “Blushing Girl”. I have no clue if she invented it or where it came from, she has made it ever since I can remember (and probably long before). One sunday this (past) summer she was feeling like having her favorite dessert but she did not have all of the ingredients. (Remember: we’re in Germany, stores are closed on sundays). So we made up our very own version involving orange juice and grated coconut. Sounds good so far?
Time for dessert
Time for dessert

Sun kissed girl
250 ml soured milk
50 ml orange juice
5 tablespoonful sugar
a level teaspoonful agar agar
grated coconut – I used about a cup
mint leaves

How to
Pour soured milk and orange juice in a pot, add sugar and agar agar and mix well. Now heat slowly to cooking, turn the temperature down to low and let simmer for two minutes. Add grated coconut and let cool somewhat before you pour the mixture into a pretty (and shallow) dish. Use a pudding mold if you want to serve it like a cake.

Let the dessert cool down and then rest in the refrigerator for at least three hours. This is best served chilled and enjoyed on a hot summer’s day. If I had only told you earlier… Garnish with mint leaves.

Dessert with soured mild and orange juice
Dessert with soured mild and orange juice

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I LOVE dessert, really any type of if, and I am my happiest if there is also chocolate involved. And you? What are your favorite desserts? Do you have any tipps for autumnal desserts? We’re all ears! ~Anna~


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