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One necklace a week: the lace necklace

The lace necklace
The lace necklace

I love cardigans, shirts and basically anything with doilies or pieces of lace put onto it. I also love those collars that you wear as necklaces because I love change as well. So in order to put on my favorites pieces and still be able to switch between their plain look and and an added thing, be it a collar or a necklace, I came up with this: a lace necklace. Ok, I admit this does not really qualify as a DIY so go ahead and take it as an idea.

I stumbled upon these very pretty and intricate pieces of lace, they look like corners angles to me, at the Marché de la mode vintage in Lyon. I have not seen them anywhere else so far but I believe big fabric stores should have something similar. I would also check out Stoffmarkt Holland where I already found very pretty lace ribbons. But if there is nothing like my lace pieces to be found, cut a pretty piece out of a bigger lace fabric as seen here If you’re a pro necklace maker, follow her tutorial. If you just want a quick idea read on…

You’ll need
a long necklace
scissors, if you use lace fabric

How to
I just string my necklace trough the holes of the lace on one side and then on the other where I get the fasteners together and close it. That’s it. Ok, not completely. As I have two pieces of lace, one grey, one dusky pink, I put them together to add texture. Meaning I string the necklace through both lace pieces. This way my necklace is reversible and seems “fuller” as in more textured. And if I need the necklace string for something else, it’s easily undone.

Dusky pink lace
Dusky pink lace

With this idea for a necklace (or a collar) I will say goodbye to “one necklace a week” and say hello to a new “once a week” feature at the end of next week! ~Anna~


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