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Adventurous dressmaking: The poppy dress

The poppy dress
The poppy dress

Hetty gave me a dress! Not only just a dress but a hand-made one. And not only just a hand-made dress but the first dress she ever made! Isn’t that the most incredible gift? Nevertheless she is not inspired to write about it and here is why:

“Today it’s me who’s really not inspired to write anything. Maybe it’s because of this dress. I just really don’t know what to write about it. Well, it is a really beautiful pattern, which I adapted from Burda 2/2013, model 122 (I just left out the arms). And the fabric is also one of the most beautiful flowery ones I’ve seen in a long time. But the sad thing is, the dress looks just NOT good on me. The part between the armpits and the waist is too wide and looks weird.

On Anna however, this dress looks really good and she’s very gorgeous in it! This is why you see her in the photos and not me. Mhh, next time I’ll better think about the pattern and if it will suit me before I start sewing something.”

Flowery sundress made by Hetty
Flowery sundress made by Hetty

And I, Anna, love this dress! Like Hetty I love the print – floral is always a print to go to – and for myself I would never have chosen the pattern. I like it on the model but not the drawing. The more I am surprised that it suits me. And then there is the plunging neckline. Is this a neckline at all? It’s a slit that goes well down to my, um, midriff. There were sleeves in the actual dress pattern that Hetty left out for a reason. It’s a sundress after all, right?

It does remind me somewhat of the smocks my grandma used to wear around the house. In a good way! Because this makes me love the poppy dress even more. But are those flowers really poppies? What do you think? ~Anna~


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