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Zara-lookalike jacket tutorial (the kimono jacket)

Dressed hippie-esque
Dressed hippie-esque

We owe you. I know and I have not forgotten. We owe you the tutorial for the jacket I made according to one of my Zara jackets. Even though this is a very summery jacket, we still wanted to share this tutorial with you.

As this jacket has a very simple cut, it was very simple to copy it. So actually this tutorial might work with any simple and basic cut piece of clothing that you own.

Here’s what you need
the jacket obviously
silk paper big enough to cover the jacket
a pencil
fabric of which you want to make the new jacket
a ruler
matching thread

Making a pattern from an existing piece of clothing
Making a pattern from an existing piece of clothing

1. Get the sewing pattern
Put a big piece of silk paper on a table or on the floor. Lay down the back piece of the jacket on the paper. The middle should be in line with the edge of the silk paper. This way you make sure that your jacket will be symmetrical. To find the middle of the jacket, you can use the label as a guideline.
Finding the middle
Finding the middle

Make sure that the jacket is spread out evenly and that there are no creases. Trace the edges of the jacket with a pencil, adding about 1 cm extra for the seam. Cut out the pattern. Then you need to do the same thing for the front part. As the jacket has two front parts which are exactly the same, you only need to do this once.
Pin and cut
Pin and cut

2. Cut out the fabric
Place the sewing pattern on the fabric. If you want you can pin it with some needles. For the back part fold your fabric so that you have two layers. Then put the middle of the pattern on the fold. Now cut the fabric following the edges of the pattern. As you have already added some extra space for the seam, you don’t need to add it again in this step. For the front pieces make sure that they are on the “good side” of the fabric, i.e. make sure that you turn the pattern between cutting the two pieces. This is extremely important if the pieces itself are not straight rectangles but have slightly curved lines.
Folding and sewing
Folding and sewing

3. Do the seams
Fold every edge of your pieces twice and sew along the edges.

4. Sew the parts together
Place the first front part and the back part together, left sides out. Pay attention to get the correct side of the back part. Sew the edges together. Do so again for the other front piece.

Finishing up
Finishing up

Now you need to turn the whole piece upside down, meaning you need to lay it down as it should be once it’s finished, right sides out. On the right side of the jacket, 2 cm from the side, measure about 25 cm down from the shoulder seam and mark with a needle. The part above this needle will be the armhole later on, so if you want this to be bigger, add some extra cm. Then, measure about 15 cm down from this first needle and mark with a second one. Sew the front and the back piece together between these to needles. Do the same again on the other side.
Dressed down
Dressed down


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