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Skip the oven: tofu-zucchini lasagna

Todu-Zucchinin Lasagna
Todu-Zucchinin Lasagna

Turning vegetarian means not being able to eat many dishes anymore – at least not in their original form. For me this was the case with lasagna. Even though one of the reasons I turned vegetarian was because I didn’t like the smell of meat anymore, I was always a fan of lasagna.
Then I discovered zucchini lasagna. Nowadays, this very special form of lasagna is what makes me forget the meaty version because it’s too good and low carb too!
Tofu and zucchini
Tofu and zucchini

For two people you’ll need
1 fresh zucchini
half a pack of tofu (the flavor you like)
75 g feta cheese
6 dried tomatoes
2 tablespoons olive oil
salt & pepper

How to
Cut the zucchini in long slices (use a special machine if you have). The slices will later be used as lasagna plates, so make sure they’re big enough.

Meatless lasagna
Meatless lasagna

Bring some water to boil and cook the zucchini for 2 minutes. Afterwards, pour cold water over them to stop them from getting too soft.

Cut the tofu, feta and dried tomatoes into little pieces. Heat some olive oil in a pan and stir in all the ingredients. Season with salt and pepper. When the tofu has a golden crust and the feta is melting, take the pan off the stove.

Now comes a fun part. Put some of the tofu mixture onto a plate, then cover with two or three slices of zucchini. Put some of the mixture onto this again and again some zucchini slices as well. Stop when the lasagna reaches the desired height (or before it falls down…). Enjoy!

Homemade meatless lasagna
Homemade meatless lasagna

So you see, there’s really no reason to mourn those meaty dishes. There’s always an alternative, a better alternative! ~Hetty~


3 thoughts on “Skip the oven: tofu-zucchini lasagna”

  1. Ich war ja noch nie so ein Fan von Tofu. Gibt es da eigentlich Unterschiede bei Tofu und der Zubereitung, so dass es vielleicht doch besser schmeckt?

    1. Was für welchen hast du denn bis jetzt gegessen? In Natur hat der ja eigentlich gar keinen Geschmack. Ich nehm daher immer nen eingelegten. Am suchen für ne gute Marinade bin ich aber auch noch.

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