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Add some lustre to old cans: copper spray paint

Copper spray-painted bottle vases
Copper spray-painted bottle vases

So, copper is en vogue, right? It has been featured in major home and decoration magazines as well as on Ohhh Mhhh and A beautiful mess meanwhile I was extremely inspired by this beautiful table setting. It involves recycling (always a good thing), upcycling even (better yet) and copper, a color that works wonderfully with any season.

So today it’s copper spray-painted bottles, vases and cans on modewaerts, too. Welcome in my life dear copper, you give it so much more lustre. (And you look so good with my turquoise walls!)

Cans as vases
Cans as vases

As you can see I did my paint job a while back in summer and I loved how the copper and the pink of the flowers clashed. But copper means autumn, too! Just imagine filling the can with leaves and chestnuts, tying burlap around it… oh my, I need to finish up this post to get back to crafting…
Copper vessels
Copper vessels

You’ll need
copper (spray) paint
pretty, textured bottles
tape (painter’s, washi or just regular)
cleansing alcohol or glasses cleaner
a cloth
2 plastic bags

How to
Cover your workspace – outside please, when using spray paint! – with newspaper. Experience tells me to cover an area at least twice the size of the actual newspaper and to weigh the corners down with heavy objects (like the bottles you are going to paint). Make sure the vessels are greasefree and there is no glue left on the cans. To ensure this clean with the glasses cleaner or alcohol.

Use bottles as vases
Use bottles as vases

Use your tape to create designs on the bottles. I made stripes covering the bottles once around. Use wider and narrower tapes to make stripes of different widths. Make sure the edges are really smooth and tight. Now it’s time to spray paint. Put on a small plastic bag as a glove (or use a plastic glove) to spray-paint bottles. Wearing the “glove” hold the bottle on your finger upside down and paint. Once its entirely covered place it, bottom down, on the other plastic bag to dry. Yes, it will stick to the bag and the bottom will be unpretty, but it’s the bottom, right? It will go unseen.

Cans are spray-painted while sitting upside down on the newspaper. Place them on plastic afterwards and work the top (and inside if you please). Let dry and it’s done!

Clustered vases
Clustered vases

I love them plain, I love the stripes and I love the endless possibilities of how to decorate them even further and with the seasons coming! How would you customize your copper spray-painted vases? ~Anna~

2 thoughts on “Add some lustre to old cans: copper spray paint”

  1. so schön bei mir auf dem Schrank mit Blumen darin oder einer Kerze. Einfach gut 🙂 Schade dass ich kein Foto uploaden kann.

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