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One pillow a week: The felt foliage pillow

One pillow a week
One pillow a week

Looks like I have a favorite new word this fall: foliage. I have loved leaves and their shapes all along and when I saw a pillow like this in a shop in Pfaffenhofen, I knew what to do with the felt leftovers in my fabric stash.

You’ll need
felt – rather thin
a longish oval leaf shape (take a leaf as a template)
backing fabric – if a different one is desired
sewing machine
contrasting thread
nettle fabric
poly-fill or other pillow filling

I made a felt front and a jersey “old t-shirt” backing. My felt fabric is a very purple hue and I chose off-white as my contrasting thread color.

My felt foliage pillow
My felt foliage pillow

How to
Decide on the size of pillow you want and cut the fabric accordingly. One piece for the front, one for the back. With the help of your leaf template cut out felt leaves. You should be able to cover the front of the pillow entirely and use two leaves in every spot for more texture. I actually cut leaves first because I was working with the felt I had on hand, which was not a bulk anymore.

Once you have a pillow front and sufficient leaves it’s time for the pressing iron. Make sure all the felt is flat before you begin to add texture to each pair of leaves. The bottom leaf needs to be folded in half lengthwise and ironed quickly, once over. If it folds open by itselft after pressing and the crease is visible it’s perfect. The top leaf needs to be folded just as the other one. Then press it firmly so it stays “shut” and you only see half of it.

Detail of felt foliage
Detail of felt foliage

With chalk mark a seam line (1/2 an inch in my case) all around the felt for the pillow front. Arrange the leaf pairs on the felt front of the pillow without passing the chalk line. With contrasting thread sew them onto the felt. Therefore you need to fold open the upper leaf. Sew them on together and secure beginning and end of the seam. Don’t sew all the way to the edge of the leaves. Let them be able to move a little… When you are done to applique all the leaves put the front and backing pillow pieces together. Face inside close three seams outside or on the line you have made with chalk, meaning you will have a 1/2 inch seam or smaller.

Make an inner pillow the same size as the cover you have just made as explained here Stuff the pillow case with the inner pillow and close the seam the way you wish. Yay, another cuddly pillow case. Autumn, I am ready!

Appliqued felt leaves
Appliqued felt leaves

By the way, did you wonder what on earth I did in a small town (even though not as small as I had imagined) in Bavaria in the middle of the summer? I went to shop at Wollmeises yarn store! There is some knitting on modewaerts in the near future! ~Anna~


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