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Knitting: Annas first handknitted hat

Lovely filati knit hat
Lovely filati knit hat

Can you believe I already wore a hat in september? A couple of days at the end of september the temperature here in the morning was barely above freezing! So when cycling to work I rather had something to cover up my ears. (Even though I found myself ridiculous wearing a hat that early into autumn.) This is a really easy knit from Filati magazine from fall 2012. Hetty knitted it last year in a beautiful rose hue (I hope I can bring her to show you) and this year it was my turn. June had brought me the beautious yarn from Vice which was perfect for this project.
Easy knitted hat from Filati pattern
Easy knitted hat from Filati pattern

Even though I have been hunting high and low, I wasn’t able to find a link to the pattern or a kit of wool that the pattern comes with, neither on Filati magazine nor on Ravelry. That’s a pity!!! This is a fab beginners hat to knit because there’s no round knitting but starts out with a flat trapeze/trapezoid/trapezium shape.

My yarn is Sinful Singles DK by Vice a gorgeous merino yarn and just perfect to knit with my favorite 6mm (US 10) bamboo needles. I am knitting my third hat with this pattern right now, so I basically know it by heart now. To get the trapeze shape you just add one stitch after the first one in every other round and knit the last two stitches together in that same row. In the end it’s just a matter of sewing together the first and last row. So easy, so much fun. I do not post the instructions completely because I don’t want to breach any copyright. If I will find a link I will post it here.

My first knitted hat
My first knitted hat

My purple hat was the first. Secondly I knitted one in grey to anthra hues for my brother and right now I am playing with the pattern creating one for my mother. So you see, it is a unisex pattern as well. And with the soft and dense merino wool yarn it is nice and warm on my ears. Have I said it before? Autumn, I am prepared! ~Anna~

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