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Cute gift: Creating a crayon-art t-shirt

Crayon art on t-shirt
Crayon art on t-shirt

Today is my favorite little person’s birthday: My cousin turns 5! To mark the occassion – you only turn 5 once, right? – I made her a t-shirt using the iron transfer method to apply an image I drew with crayons. This rainbow shirt had me hooked and want to create my own little rainbow themed top. It’s so easy that even little kids can do it with help for ironing. And it’s fun for bigger kids (read adults), too.

You’ll need
t-shirt in a light color
permanent marker or ball point pen
parchment paper
nail scissors or x-acto knife
dish towel
paper towel

How to
On the parchment paper write the name or message you want to transfer with a permanent marker or ball point pen. Write in thick letters or reinforce the letters. Turn the parchment paper around and draw your image on the other side of the message or name. I did circles in rainbow colors but really anything will be great as long as the message is completely covered with crayon on its backside.

A crayon rainbow
A crayon rainbow

Once you’re done drawing, flip the paper around once more and cut out the letters with nail scissors or an x-acto knife. (For the knife: be sure to place the parchment paper on a surface, that can be scrateched and cut.) Cut out the letters carefully, take your time.

Once you’re done, set up the iron to cotton setting. Pull the t-shirt over the ironing board or place a piece of cardboard between front and back in case the color will bleed through. Place the parchment paper on the t-shirt with the crayon design facing the shirt. Put a paper or kitchen towel on top and press. If your image is larger than the iron be careful not to move the parchment papern when moving the iron around. The image should be ironed for 30 seconds in every spot. Remove the parchment paper.

Extract extra color by placing the paper towel on top of the design and re-ironing it. Color can be set after a 20 minutes dryer session. Note: Please do not skip this step! I did and naturally the design was gone after laundering. Launder gently (and seperately in the beginning).

Can’t you see many cute things made with this technique? How about holiday shirts with reindeer, vacation tops with palm trees or a bachelorette party themed collection? There are no boundaries for your creativity! ~Anna~

PS: Avoid light colors around the text. You can see why in the second photo…


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