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One pillow a week: Quote pillow from shrunk scarf

Hello there, good things should be treasured, right? That’s why today we share an English version of a pillow Hetty made for the old modewaerts site. If you would like to read it in German click here It’s a super gorgeous throw-pillow with an ever-so-true quote by my beloved Audrey Hepburn: “Paris is always a good idea” I think so, too. And since it it, I will be spending five hours in Paris on monday! Any suggestions what to do – besides thrifting – as I have seen the major and minor sites, already? I would love to hear/read!

"Paris is always a good idea" pillow
“Paris is always a good idea” pillow

“I have a favorite scarf that I bought about ten years ago in Berlin. It’s a beautiful white pashima scarf with a woven paisley pattern. I have loved it all along these ten years and worn on many occasions. And even though the paisley is hardly visible anymore, it’s my favorite scarf. Until one day last fall when it had shrunk in the washing machine! Merde!!! Umm, dommage! I could not have worn it without strangling myself, so it sat sadly in my dresser for a couple of months.

Then I saw this amazing pillow on pinterest and shortly after this pretty pillow at H&M. An idea was born, I would sew the pillows – from my old scarf!

Said, done. Here is the tutorial for three little pillow cases (about 40 x 22 centimeters):

Pillow case from shrunk scarf
Pillow case from shrunk scarf

Cut the scarf in three equal parts and cut off the fringe. Press the edges and fold the fabric in half. The face inside if your scarf has unlike sides.

Sew one short and the long side. On the computer write the quote in the desired font and resize to the dimensions of your pillow case. Print and make a stencil according to these instructions using double-faced adhesive tape.

Turn the pillow inside out and adhere the stencil. Slip a piece of cardboard inside the pillow case to avoid bleeding. Apply black fabric paint, let dry and remove the stencil.

Stenciled quote pillow
Stenciled quote pillow

After an hour cover the pillow with a dish towel and iron for ten minutes. Turn the pillow inside out and close the last seam leaving a little opening to turn it back around. Turn and stuff the pillow with filling material. Close the opening by sewing by hand. Voilà!” ~Hetty~

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