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An all-time favorite: Cinnamon waffles

Cinnamon waffles
Cinnamon waffles

Today it’s time to share my all-time favorite afternoon tea / coffee time treat: cinnamon waffles. They might be so good because there is some rum in there. And lots of cinnamon. I have literally been making these since I started baking sometime in my early teens. These cinnamon waffles taste great all year round, nevertheless to me they are something I especially enjoy in the darker time of the year. Imagine a mug of hot tea, a good book and some waffles while the rain pours down outside (in the dark). Now, I want to have some waffles straight away… Get out those waffles makers and here we go. And if you’re on the other side of the globe, read on, I also have something for you!
Waffles with rum and cinnamon
Waffles with rum and cinnamon

Fine cinnamon waffles (serves four)
150 g vegetable spread / margarine
150 g flour
150 g sugar
3 eggs
1/2 teaspoon baking powder
1 tablespoon rum
(at least) 1 teaspoon cinnamon

Soften the spread / margarine, add flour and sugar and whisk. I do this by hand, it’s quicker. Add the eggs and the other ingredients and whisk again until you have a smooth batter.

Heat the waffle maker and bake your waffles. Try not to eat all of them straight out of the waffle maker if you have guests. Just saying. If you’re by yourself do so, because they’re best enjoyed warm.

Fine waffles
Fine waffles

You cannot wait for summer? Substitute cinnamon with lemon peel and use vodka instead of rum. You might need slightly more flour for this version. The batter should not be runny. You could leave out the alcohol if you are serving kids. But it’s totally up to you. ~Anna~
Making waffles alone
Making waffles alone


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