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Sewing a Giant Floor “Pillow” aka the Pouf

Berta and the giant floor pillow
Berta and the giant floor pillow

It’s the last post of our ‘one pillow a week’-series and this time we’re up for something a little bit different. A pouf! You don’t know what a pouf is? Well, it’s French (d’oh) and simply a nicer name for “big giant floor pillow that you can sit on, relax and drink tea-pillow”.

As I always wanted to have something like this, I have been looking for DIY opportunities for a long time. First I wanted to crochet one, but this plan failed due to my lack of crochet knowledge…

Then, when I saw this fabric, I suddenly had an idea. My grandma used to have a very ugly pouf. Unfortunately I didn’t take a picture of it to show you the “before”, but it had a face, very creepy. As the cover was removable, I decided to just use the inside pillow and sew a new cover to it using the beautiful elk fabric.

The pouf
The pouf

Basically you just need a big giant pillow to fill your pouf, the fabric you like (it should be stable enough), scissors and a sewing machine.

First, before you’re off to buy the fabric, measure your filling pillow. My model was 76 cm high and had a circumference of 140 cm. That’s why I bought one meter of the fabric.

Next, cut out the fabric. I had to cut off a little bit at the top in order to have the whole theme of the pattern displayed. As my fabric wasn’t wide enough with only 130 cm, I had to cut out a second piece of fabric. I used some white scrap fabric for that. Additionally, I cut out two circular pieces to form the bottom and top part of my pouf.

Once this is all done, sew the single parts (if you have more than one) together and join everything together. Leave a hole somewhere that is big enough to insert the filling. Where I left a hole, I hemmed the fabric and added some strips. As the hole is quite big, it can be secured more easily with these strips. That’s it!

Teatime on the floor pillow
Teatime on the floor pillow

I took my new pouf to France with me where it is now sitting in my “Teatime-corner”! I’m really happy I finally found the perfect pouf for me and won’t miss it.

PS: Thanks a lot !!! to my little sister Jördis for helping me in the sewing part. She’s the sewing bee…

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