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Autumnal goody: Carrot-Beet-Quinotto


Few vegetables say autumn like potatoes and beet. Sure, they are available all year round but nothing beats teh first new potatoes or fresh beet. I acutally had a potatoe girl crush this year. Annabelle is her name and she is a super tasty little earthy tuber. Nothing fancy, just filling, low in carbs and simply delicious and a freshly dug out. Why do I talk about potatoes? Maybe because I just ate beet? Beet Quinotto in fact. Quinotto? I hear you ask. Well, Hetty talked about making hirsotto, a risotto made from “Hirse” (millet in English – so millotto maybe?). Me for that matter, I wanted to make risotto from quinoa, hence quinotto.

I figured quinoa has similar characteristics as rice. So I used my regular my favorite beet risotto recipe and replaced rice with quinoa. German speakers read my love letter to beet risotto and find the original beet risotto recipe on Kuechenchaotin Anglophones stay tuned:

Beet quinotto strongly inspired by Kuechenchaotin
1 raw beet
3 carrots
1 cup quinoa
1 onion
rosmary to taste
vegetable broth
parmesan or grana padano cheese
olive oil

How to
Method is everything in risotto making! I learned this thanks to Kuechenchaotin

Peel and chop carrots and beet, onion and as much garlic as you like. I recommend two cloves. Pour a little oil in a pot and stew the veggies. In another pot bring the broth to simmer.

Making of quinotto
Making of quinotto

Add two or three spoons of honey to the vegetables – let caramelize! – and pour in the quinoa. Let steam a little and add a big gulp of wine. White would be my usual choice for risotto, red highlights the beet color nicely here. Stir until all the liquid has been absorbed. Then add a lot of rosmary and a scoop of warm broth. Stir again until the broth has dissolved. Repeat this process until you feel the quinoa is saturated. This can take up to one litre of broth.

What I do is heat water in the (electric) kettle, pour it into a pot and add instant broth. I let this mixture simmer on low to medium heat dependant on the stove. I start with half a litre and make more when I feel my quinoa needs it.

Autumnal goodies with quinoa
Autumnal goodies with quinoa

Now all it takes is grated cheese and the quinotto is ready to be served! What’s your favorite quinoa recipe? I love this grain and am always curious for new quinoa ideas! ~Anna~

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