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Last Minute DIY: Halloween Ghosts Garland

Halloween ghost garland
Halloween ghost garland

Even though I do not consider Halloween as a “real” holiday (and we do hardly celebrate it in Germany), I still like the fact that it is approaching. Or maybe rather the occasion to do some DIY. As Halloween is just around the corner, here’s a very easy last minute DIY-idea that can be done in less than 30 minutes.

I currently live in an apartment where I am basically not allowed to do anything too destructive to the walls, so I chose a very light-weight yet nice and easy idea: A ghost garland. Yes yes, some of you might think this is boring and childish, but it really has a great effect.

Last minute halloween decoration
Last minute halloween decoration

Here’s what you need
some leftover white fabric (I used the leftover linen from my cloth napkins)
cotton wool
needle and white thread
a felt tip pen or a fabric paint pen
2 meters of string in the colour you like

Cut the fabric in squares. The size and the number of squares depend on your preferences. I had nine squares with a size of 10x10cm. You can also cut squares of different sizes.

Making a ghost
Making a ghost

Take some of the cotton wool and form a little ball. This will be the head of your ghost. Place the cotton ball in the middle of the fabric square, then take the fabric and fold it all over the cotton so that you will have a ghost shape.
Securing a ghost head
Securing a ghost head

With the needle, stitch through one side of the fabric. Wrap the yarn around the “neck” of the ghost twice and stitch through the other side. Do this with all of your ghosts.

Now take the pen and give your ghosts a face. For some, I only put on points as eyes, while others got a mouth on top.

Take the piece of string and wrap it around your ghosts (the “neck”). Secure the little puppets with a knot. Once all of them are hung up, you can hang the garland where you like.

Spooky ghost garland
Spooky ghost garland

If you don’t have white fabric, you can also use tissues. They do the same effect. Add a string of light for some extra festive spookiness. Happy Halloween! ~Hetty~


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