Four simple end of the year goals

Pumpkin table runner
Pumpkin table runner

Elsie of A beautiful mess inspired me to jot down some simple goals to accomplish before the end of 2013. They are supposed to be goals that make life happier and richer on a daily basis and that’s exactly the reason that made me want to participate. We are approaching my favorite time of the year and a little extra joy cannot hurt.

My goals
1. join a choir
2. get a yoga club membership (a card for ten classes, to be exactly) and go
3. visit three different christmas markets
4. make a winter dress

I would say instant happiness is guaranteed! By the way, I got that pumpkin table runner finished. It only took me, um, four years, to sit down and handstitch the binding… (And then it was done in three sessions.) Note: It is from the kit “The three amigos” table runner designed by Susan Fuquay for American Quilt Retailer.

Do you have goals for the rest of this year? I am so looking forward to start “working” on mine ~Anna~


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