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DIY fall lantern with pressed leaves

Fall leaves lanterns
Fall leaves lanterns

Evenings are getting darker. And days are getting more colourful because of all these red leaves. I just love it! So why not take the precious multicoloured leaves inside to give some colour and coziness to all those dark evenings? I had an idea: Fall leaves on a lantern. Here’s what I did, after I had gathered some leaves the other day.
Supplies for foliage lanterns
Supplies for foliage lanterns

You need
a bunch of fall leaves
some old jars without any paper left on them
Mod Podge
a paint brush

How to
Press the leaves, so that they get dry and won’t mold or go off. Therefore, put them in a book (additionally you can use newspaper sheets) and place something heavy on them. Wait for about a week.

Diy'ed foliage lanterns
Diy’ed foliage lanterns

Once the leaves are dry enough, take them out of the book and select the ones you want to use for your lanterns. I sorted mine according to their size and made sure I had some of any size.

Apply mod podge on the dry jars. Then carefully place the first leaf on the jar and apply some more mod podge onto the leaf.

Go on like this until the jar is covered the way you like it. This step might actually be a little bit tricky as the leaves won’t stick to the jar completely the first time. In this case, just continue with the other leaves and come back later to fix bits and pieces. For me, most of the time a second layer of mod podge worked really well.

DIY lanterns
DIY lanterns

Let it dry completely. Then, place a tea candle inside the jar and enjoy the cozy feeling! ~Hetty~

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