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Hettys precious pear thingees (vegan!)

Pear thingees
Pear thingees

Do you Germans remember the poem “Herr von Ribbeck auf Ribbeck im Havelland” by Theodor Fontane? I loved this poem when I was a child and knew every single verse by heart. It’s a beautiful piece of literature about a very generous old man who has a pear tree in his garden and gives away pears to the children of the neighborhood. Even after he has died, the children still get pears as a new pear tree starts to grow on his grave. All you non-German speakers can find out about this poem here

One of the verses goes like this: “…und kam die gold’ne Herbsteszeit, leuchtet’s wieder weit und breit”. Here, they are talking about the glorious fall and pears which are shining in every colour.

When pear meets bun
When pear meets bun

Every year in late summer/early fall I think of this poem when I see the many fresh pears in the supermarkets. No wonder I also like to use them for my various baking sessions, even here in France. As I don’t support lactose anymore (well, at least now I know about it), I bought myself a book on vegan baking to try out some completely animal-free recipes.

I chose to try out the recipe for something that I just call “pear-thingees”. Buns with pears inside.

Here’s what you need for about 10 thingees
(I used half of their recipe’s quantities and left out some at all)
Pear thingees
250g flour
½ sachet dry yeast (they propose fresh yeast)
125 ml soy milk
30g sugar
a pinch of salt
60g magarine
3 pears (can be already very ripe)
15g sugar
a dash of cinnamon

First, make the dough. For this, mix the flower with the yeast and pour the pre-warmed soy milk over it. Add the sugar as well. Cover the bowl and let stand for about 10 minutes in a warm place. The yeast should be bubbly afterwards.

Vegan pear thingees
Vegan pear thingees

Next, add the salt and margarine and mix everything until you get smooth dough. Cover again and let stand in a warm place for about 35-40 minutes so that the batter can double its size.
In the meantime, wash the pears and cut them into little bits. Dust with the leftover sugar and the cinnamon. Pre-heat the oven to 250° celsius.

Roll out the batter to a large rectangle (about 50x10cm). Put the pears in the middle and add some margarine if you like. Take the longer edges of the dough, place them over the pears and form a roll: This might be a little tricky, but you can try to smooth out the dough a little bit more before you actually do so.

Autumnal pear buns
Autumnal pear buns

Cut the roll into about 10 pieces (or as many as you get) and put these thingees into muffin forms, the hole being on the upside (and downside obviously). Then it is proposed to have them sit for another 20 minutes, but I skipped this part.

Bake in the oven at 250° celsius for about 12-15 minutes. Take out of the oven and enjoy! ~Hetty~

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