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Clocks or snowflakes? Stamping with pine needles

Time goes by
Time goes by

“Snow is falling / all around me” ? Not yet. Anyway, time flies by and we are approaching winter. I thought this would be the moment to show you my new hand-stamped shirt. Wether you see clocks with hands or snowflakes, to me this longsleeve shirt says “end of the year” like only the much beloved new year’s eve tv spectacle “Dinner for one” can. After seeing this snowflake printing – and seeing the prints as snowflakes – I knew it was time for another creation. (And after three stamped pants this year, it had to be a top.) Thus I selected white on blue – and only while printing realized that what I got out of it, looked a lot more like clocks with their hands to me than flakes of snow.

After seeing those Bridet Jones, or rather Mark Darcy, type of christmas sweaters at Primark today, I thought that this print on a dress – be it fir green or bordeaux – would be an amazing thing to wear to a christmas party. And a dressier alternative to those sweaters. Even though I am tempted to get one. Just because I have an antler headband and red-green-white socks with tiny knitted antlers on the big toes. Now that you got a tiny impression of how much I adore christmas, let’s make pine needle prints.

You’ll need
a longsleeve top or any other piece of clothing
white fabric paint (I use Javana Textil Sunny in white)
small pine/fir twigs
a shallow plastic container
pressing iron

How to
Shake the fabric paint or stir and pour some into the plastic container. Dip the tip of the needle twig into the paint and start stamping.

I started out stamping at the bottom of the shirt, pretending it was the ground and as if snow was starting to accumulate on it. Then I went up. It does not snow heavily on my shirt. You could have blowing snow if you would like.

Snowflakes on a longsleeve top
Snowflakes on a longsleeve top

Let dry and iron, preferrably through a cloth. This is totally washing machine proof, I am very happy to report. Also, even though I used a fabric paint for light colored textiles, it shows nicely. Perfect for this project. And while we are talking materials: I just purchased a gorgeous knitted fabric for the winter dress I am going to make. Have a wonderful sunday!

All photos shot at the beach in Le Havre, France by Hetty. Snood handmade gift, vintage purse I love vintage shorts H&M, tights Primark, shoes Görtz, bandaid IKEA

Low tide
Low tide

Just for the fun of it: I love this shot. No ballerina skills at all, but such a sharp reflection. Well done, Hetty! Thanks for the photos! And for having me in Le Havre. ~Anna~

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