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Deck the halls (or the patio) with DIY lanterns – free stencil download

My diy lantern collection
My diy lantern collection

I am so excited! Today I am sharing a project I have been dreaming of for a while: diy tin can lanterns! Not life changing? Wait! I also designed a free printable for y’all (download)! It is a star pattern that works for the darker season just as well as for some atmospheric patio lighting. I already love my lanterns to pieces and will surely save my collection when they have guided me through the dark days of autumn and winter (today night began to fall at 4.30 pm, ugh)…

Star stencil lantern (2nd from the left)
Star stencil lantern (2nd from the left)

You’ll need
tin cans – any size
hammer and a nail or a drill with a small, sharp bit or an awl, this
tool (called Prickelnadel in German)

Star stencil
tea lights

How to
Take off the labels of the cans and wash them thouroughly. I prefer putting them in the dishwasher if possible, less risk of cutting myself… Download (right click on the link and choose save) and print the Star stencil and cut it out along the black line. This fits “standard medium sized” cans. You could also resize it to your cans dimensions.

Confetti lantern
Confetti lantern

Place some tape on one short side of the stencil and tape it to the can. I used the weldseam as a guidance. Wrap around the can and secure with another piece of tape. Now make holes with the utensil you chose: big holes where I marked x and smaller ones on the dots. When you have finished place the stencil on the next can and go on.

Place tea lights in the cans and there you go!

Autumnal decoration
Autumnal decoration

Isn’t it pretty? It’s almost like a small fire place! Sorry, I cannot stop the exclamation marks in this post… PS: To warm up (or to calm yourself) do a crazy free style confetti tin can lantern like the one on the far right in the photos. Happy crafting! ~Anna~

Candle light lanterns
Candle light lanterns

8 thoughts on “Deck the halls (or the patio) with DIY lanterns – free stencil download”

    1. Put some dirt in your can then fill with water and freeze. The dirt keeps the can from becoming dis formed when the water expands from freezing. Once it is frozen then you can punch your pattern in and the can stays in shape. Then melt wash and ta da

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