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Pizza Adventures 7: French Pizza (tarte flambée style)

Pizza adventures french style
Pizza adventures french style

Hello, hello, today is different! It’s different because Hetty is crazy busy for university and can’t be here to share this pizza adventure. Secondly it’s different because today’s pizza has no tomato sauce (you saw that already, haven’t you?) and, last but not least, it’s different because we made (and ate) this one together. So this is a Hetty/Anna/Kitchen experiment.
Hettys tarte flambee
Hettys tarte flambee

If you know the classic tarte flambée, you know it has bacon on it. Guess what? Ours doesn’t. Instead we used what we could get in terms of mushrooms. There are hedgehog mushroom and brown button mushrooms. We would have liked more, only the budget would not allow us oyster mushrooms and such things. Anyway. We substituted the sour cream base, too (we both have recently been diagnosed lactose intolerant), and spread a base of soy cream (soy cuisine) which sets as well.
Mushroom and soy cream pizza
Mushroom and soy cream pizza

Tarte flambée style pizza
Hettys usual pizza dough – roll it out thin
soy cream (soy cuisine)
about 4 cups of mushrooms – we used brown buttons mushrooms and hedgehog mushrooms
salt and pepper to taste

Spread soy cream onto the pizza dough. Cube the mushrooms and chop the chives. Add a little salt and pepper. Bake at 200° celsius (390 F) for up to 20 minutes if you’re dough is pizza thick. A thin tarte flambee should be done after ten minutes. Be sure to check.

Autumnal pizza adventure
Autumnal pizza adventure

How do you like our pizza/tarte flambée crossover? We took leftovers with us to Rouen and had a picnic on a bench under some big trees while the rain was coming down around us. All this while looking at the beautiful cathedral. Magic day… ~Anna~

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