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One tree a week: The wine cork tree

A wine cork tree
A wine cork tree

My “once a week” feature continues! This month we will be sharing different sorts of trees. Trees? Yep. I also want to sort of introduce this christmas season to the blog (hence: seasonal trees). Those who know me, know: I ADORE christmas. Yes, with all capital letters!

Since I do realize that we are only in November (pretty close to christmas, no?) we’ll start with a still autumnal looking tree. I love the natural, organic look of it, which also means it can already sit on the window sill and stick around. And maybe get some cotton ball snow around it towards the end of the month?

Cork christmas tree
Cork christmas tree

Make a wine cork tree
26 wine corks
a paper tube as a stem (toilet paper for example)

Start by organizing your corks. I chose my tree tip and went from there. Arrange differently colored corks next to each other. Place them on the side that is not colored, so the tree lies flat while you work on it. This will mean that the front won’t be flat which adds texture (for the eye) and makes the tree more “real/natural” to me.

Wine hues tree
Wine hues tree

Once you like your arrangement apply glue to the spots of the tip cork where it meets the lower two corks. Press the three corks together gently. Put some glue in between the the lower corks as well. Let dry some. I left it alone for ten minutes. This way work your way down to the bottom of the tree. Let it dry completely before glueing “the stem” to the corks using the same method.

My corks remained all natural and I only “painted” the stem with a layer of red wine vinegar. It does not show much, which is fine. Love this natural looking wonder!

Upcycled wine corks tree
Upcycled wine corks tree

I am not sure, if the photos do the tree justice. There are all these different faded shades of bordeaux, purple and soft pink, depending on the age of the cork and the wine that had been in the bottle. I also love the fact that two corks have tiny crystals (tartar) on them, some are porose, others just aged, some shorter, some thicker. Altogether they’re all just plain beautiful and I thank my dad for loving red wine so much! (He keeps the corks as a help to start the fire) Keep those wine bottles coming, I need more of those trees! ~Anna~

Idea via here! And you can even purchase them there! Coolest thing!


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