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How I taught myself to knit: The story of a great love!

Hettys first knitted hat
Hettys first knitted hat

Knitting and I – kind of a great love story. The first time I attempted to learn knitting was when I was 9 or 10 years old and both my grandma and my mum tried to show me the tricks of creating great pieces by knitting. But somehow this didn’t work for me and I really didn’t get what they were trying to explain… Maybe I was too young, maybe I wasn’t really interested at that time. But certainly the method of someone showing me how they are doing a thing was not the right method for me to learn knitting. It’s not the right method to learn any of such stuff for me at all – I’m really more of an autodidactic person who loves to discover new things in a way that really works for me and not for someone else.

I have been knitting for two years now and it has become one of my favourite hobbies. So if you wanna know how exactly I learned knitting, keep on reading.

Well, even though I like to teach myself new stuff, learning knitting is obviously nothing that you can learn totally without help. My help in this case was the internet with many youtube-tutorials and different knitting technique websites. I just googled the steps I needed to know in order to finish my first project. I’m just gonna show you some german tutorials that I used. The English ones didn’t really work for me as they sometimes use different techniques.

My first project was a scarf, which I knit in simple garter stitch (german: Kraus rechts). The only things I needed to know for this one were
the cast on Maschen anschlagen
knits rechte Maschen
and the bind-off Maschen abketten

It’s really easy if you have understood it once. Take the time you need to learn all these new stitches and don’t hesitate to watch videos for the tenth time. The videos I linked in this post might not work for you, but I think the principle should be clear. Just look for the tutorials and help that suits you most and you’re well prepared!

Everytime I start knitting a new piece, I first check for all the stitches and techniques I need to know for the new piece. If I don’t know anything, I just check on youtube or google the new stitch. This principle has really never failed and I think I have pretty much advanced until now and dare to try out new things regularly.

About the materials and supplies you need: This is a part that should not be neglected! Always make sure that you have all the supplies you need before you start a new project. There is nothing more annoying than running out of yarn or not being able to continue because you don’t have the right needle. The wool that you are using is up to you and you should find out which kind of needles you like most (I prefer metal round needles for example, while Anna is really fond of bamboo needles). Certainly there are differences in the quality of the wool and you should more or less try to use the recommended strength of both the yarn and the needles, but apart from that you can choose if you want to use 100% wool or 100% acrylic yarn. Me for my part, I usually use a mixture of both.

Another great tip is to get a ravely account!!! In case you haven’t heard of ravelry yet, it’s like a social network where people can upload knitting and crochet patterns (for free or to buy), where you can search for new patterns and where you can get in contact with other knitters around the world. The patterns are mostly in English (which is really easy to understand even when you’re not a native English speaker – just like me), but they do come in other languages as well.

So, no more lame excuses anymore, there are too many reasons why you start knitting right now. Just think of all the Christmas presents you could knit. Yeah, I’m really addicted to knitting and Christmas, so it’s really the most wonderful time of the year for me… And I’m already very busy with Christmas presents for my loved ones… ~Hetty~


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