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Pizza Adventures Round 8 – Chèvre and Pear Pizza

Pear, aubergine and goat's cheese pizza
Pear, aubergine and goat’s cheese pizza

Did you see that I actually can make changes on this pizza routine? This week is a week of changes again as I did not only use soy cream as sauce another time, but also varied the dough a little bit.
Buckwheat flour pizza
Buckwheat flour pizza

I simply substituted half of the wheat flour by buckwheat flour. Sometime soon I’ll try to use only buckwheat flour, but due to its lack of gluten (which is positive!) I wasn’t sure about if it would make good dough on its own.
Fruit and veggie pizza
Fruit and veggie pizza

Here’s what you need for the topping
half a roll of chèvre (goat’s cheese)
about 1/8 aubergine
one pear
soy cream

After you have rolled out the dough, put the soy cream on it and spread well. Then put all the cut topping ingredients on top. Make sure the chèvre is put on as a cover of the aubergine and the pear and not vice versa. This way you will have a nice crust and the chèvre gives it flavor to the whole pizza.

Pear pizza topping
Pear pizza topping

Put in the oven for about 20 minutes at 200°C. Enjoy! ~Hetty~


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