Hetty, Studio

Easy homemade Advent Calendar (using tp rolls)

by Hetty

Advent calender from cardboard rolls
Advent calender from cardboard rolls

My Mum always used to make advent calendars for me and my sisters when we were kids. I loved this because it was so much more creative than those chocolate calendars you can buy in the supermarkets. And it had better things than those figures you couldn’t even define made from old, dusty chocolate…

This year I have made an advent calendar myself. Well, not for myself obviously, but for my boyfriend. I gave it to him last weekend, even though it wasn’t the first of December yet, but as we won’t see each other until Christmas, this was the only possibility. Now he’s asking all the time: “Can’t you just give me a tiny little hint what’s in there?”

I’ll give you a hint… But first let me share the instructions for this calendar.

Making an advent calender
Making an advent calender

Here’s what you need
24 toilet paper rolls (alternatively paper cloth rolls cut in halves or home-made flat packages)
24 small things for every day of December before Christmas
a paint-brush
pen markers in different colours
some string

First, paint the toilet paper rolls in the colour you like. I chose plain white, a classic colour. Let them dry overnight.

Fold the edges of the paper rolls together, so that they overlap. Do this on both sides. You’ll have some kind of envelope afterwards. Write the numbers from 1 to 24 on them. I did the 6th, 21st and 24th in red colour instead of black, because these days are special.

Envelopes on string advent calender
Envelopes on string advent calender

Fill the pockets with the little gifts. Then, thread the string through the envelopes. I used the folding lines at the sides for this. You may need to reopen the pockets a little bit in order to insert the thread at one side and get it out at the other side. It is totally up to you if you just want to use one big line or several ones.

I made do with 12 pockets on each thread. I hung them up in my boyfriend’s windows so that he can see them all the time and needs to keep asking himself, what’s in there.

Even though he still needs to wait a little bit more, here’s a hint: There’s NO chocolate in there…

Mont Blanc view behind the advent calender
Mont Blanc view behind the advent calender

PS: In the last picture you can see the view he will get every morning on top of his little present.


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