Hetty, Studio

One tree a week: Sparkly Glitter Christmas Tree

by Hetty

Glitter tree
Glitter tree

Who says that Christmas trees always need to be green?

Well, I certainly wouldn’t buy a big fake plastic tree in another colour than green (I wouldn’t buy it anyway…), but if it’s not a classic “real” Christmas tree, other colours are very welcome.

Glitter on a cone tree
Glitter on a cone tree

Purple for example. As I will spend Christmas with my family in Germany, I decided to make myself my own little, fake, not real Christmas tree. In pale purple. Plus very glittery and sparkly.

Here’s what you need for a sparkly, glittery Christmas tree:
one Styrofoam cone (mine is 27 cm high)
structure paste or gel medium
a paintbrush
acrylic paint in the shade of your preference
glittery nail polish
a wine cork
some glue

Using a paintbrush, apply the structure paste on the Styrofoam cone. I tried to create structured “rounds” that look like garlands on the tree. Therefore I simply applied a lot of the structure paste where I wanted the rounds and rather dabbed it than paint it. In total, I applied four of those garlands.

Cone tree and salt dough ornaments
Cone tree and salt dough ornaments

Let the tree dry, best overnight.

Once the structure paste has dried, paint the tree with the acrylic paint. For me, one layer was good, but you may need to apply two coats of paint. Let the tree dry again.
Next, I applied several coats of glittery nail polish on the structured parts of the tree to create real garlands. I used essence nail art special effect topper “it’s puplicious” (which is empty now by the way), essence nail art special effect topper “circus confetti” and China Glaze “Prism”.

Glitter garlands christmas tree
Glitter garlands christmas tree

The last thing to finish my sparkly glittery tree was to put the wine cork at the bottom of the Styrofoam cone. Just fixate it with some glue that is strong enough and you should be fine…

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