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Savoury homemade ravioli with pumpkin and mushrooms

by Hetty

Homemade ravioli with pumpkin-mushroom filling
Homemade ravioli with pumpkin-mushroom filling

The first title I wanted to give today’s blogpost was “Ravioli Dumplings”. When Anna came to France some weeks ago (is it really already some weeks ago…? Time flies), we wanted to make ravioli. It was the first time both of us tempted to make pasta in general on our own, so it was quite an adventure at which end we got ravioli that looked rather than big fat dumplings than filigree Italian cuisine art work.

Anyhow, they were tasty and this is why we share them on the blog anyway. No need for perfection here…

Minced pumkin and brown button mushroom
Minced pumkin and brown button mushroom

ravioli maker (small plastic device)
300g flour (we used half wheat half buckwheat flour)
3 eggs
½ teaspoon salt

300g pumpkin (Muscade de Provence)
250g brown button mushrooms
olive oil
4 tablespoons soy cream
salt, pepper and herbes de provence

First, mix all the ingredients for the dough and knead well – sans ravioli maker obviously. Leave in the fridge for about 30 minutes.

In the meantime, peel the pumpkin and chop into little cubes (should be small enough). Clean the mushrooms and cut them into little pieces as well.

Heat some olive oil in a saucepan and add the pumpkin and mushrooms. Stir until the get soft. Add the soy cream and season with salt, pepper and the herbes de provence.

Savoury pumpkin ravioli
Savoury pumpkin ravioli

Now heat water in a big pot.

While the water is heating up, roll out the dough and cut circles – with a cup or a cookie cutter – that are big enough to cover the ravioli maker. Lay each circle into the ravioli maker and fill some of the vegetable filling in the middle. Close the device and press well, so that the edges stick to each other. (This is where Anna wanted to give up… But it gets easier after the first ravioli!) Without ravioli maker just cut circles, close them and pinch the round edges together with a fork.

Put all the raviolis into the boiling water and let cook for about 5 minutes. Serve with any filling that might be left over. Enjoy!


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