Hetty, Kitchen

Adventures in Pizza Making continued… Seaweed tartar and tomatoes

by Hetty

Seaweed and tomato pizza
Seaweed and tomato pizza

As the change and experimentation with different kinds of flours worked so well in the last weeks, I dared to go another step further this time. Pizza 100% made from buckwheat flour. Well, maybe this was a step too far…

The dough was ok, but not really good. It was kind of weird. I don’t really know if it’s because there’s no gluten in buckwheat flour or because of something else. In the end it worked out and the pizza was still yummy, but next week I’ll change back to the usual dough recipe for once I think. Don’t worry, I’ll keep experimenting though.

Sea-flavored pizza
Sea-flavored pizza

So much about the dough, now to the topping. This was something new to me as well. I used seaweed tartar and tomatoes, which surprised me because it was really good. If you don’t like seaweed, you can simply use pesto instead.

The process was as usual so I’ll spare you this one this time. If you’re ever going to try out seaweed pizza, enjoy it!


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