Anna, Hetty, Studio

One tree a week: The branches trees

by Anna (and three photos by Hetty)

Annas christmas tree
Annas christmas tree

Last and favorite christmas tree of this mini-series (and something I am very grateful for): Yay for my first Christmas tree! Made from branches! Even before I began looking at trees on pinterest, Hetty had pinned this spectacular version of a tree made from branches hanging on the wall. It was love at first sight. I felt I had no room for a conventional christmas tree so this flat tree was perfect. I also wanted my first tree to be special and this one truly is. Well, probably every first own cristmas tree is special, as every year it is a magic moment again to light the candles on the tree for the first time…
Hettys branch tree
Hettys branch tree

You’ll need
8 or more branches
sisal rope
a star for the treetop
decoration such as string lights, ornaments, pine
3 longish nails and a hammer

What I did was collect branches of different lenghts, some thick, some thinner. Then I assembled eight branches starting with the longest at the bottom up to a short one all the way at the top. Some branches are crooked and that’s beautiful. A natural look is what I was going for.

Branch tree with star ornaments
Branch tree with star ornaments

Once your branches are lain out, decide on how far apart you want them to be. (Mine are 25 cm (10 inches) apart.) The further apart, the taller the tree. Cut the sisal rope so it will be longer than the gaps width. No need for measuring, eyeballing is fine for a natural, lopsided look. Hettys tree is smaller, she used the rope as it was and wrapped it around the branches, securing with knots here and there. This works great with light branches.

For the bigger tree tie the rope on the outer parts of the branches, but not all the way at the end. It might be easier to start with the shortest branch and work your way down (I on the other hand was adventurous). Wrap the rope around the branch, secure with a knot and fasten around the lower branch. Do this to both sides of the branch.

Star on top
Star on top

When you have reached the last branch you’re ready to hang the tree (ok, this sounds weird). Two nails will hold the topmost branch which holds the tree. Above punch in the other nail to place the star. Decorate to your taste. I had a hard time figurin out where I wanted my fairy lights to be: criss-crossed or forming a triangle or along the lenght of the branches. Now they outline the tree, my favorite version I decided.
Salt dough decoration on Hettys tree
Salt dough decoration on Hettys tree

My tree is in light colors with antique silver ornaments (thanks, Mama!), pink transparent glass ornaments, a purple string of star lights, long fairy lights (transparent, yay!) and some additional branches of green. Also I filled a simple glass ball with confetti. As soon as I get a daylight picture of it I will add it here.
Enchanted christmas tree
Enchanted christmas tree

Thanks to this DIY series it’s the first time I have a tree inside before the morning of Christmas eve. That’s when my family usually puts the tree up. So happy I get to enjoy this one for more than a month!


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