Anna, Hetty, Office

50 reasons to look forward to winter

In the snow
In the snow

1) C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S
New Year’s Eve
Christmas baking
Christmas Songs
Christmas movies
being able to see your own breath
the time “between the years”
snow crystals
Sunny days in the snow
the impression that dark days are very light-filled when there is snow
a crackling fire
sparklers and fireworks
Christmas markets
sleigh rides
winter holidays
snow BBQ
building a snowbar
20)inscense in a catholic church
bird feeding and watching
Cuddling with a blanket (and the pet)
taking a step back and letting life’s rhythm slow down
reminiscing the miracle of christmas
Hetty in the snow
Hetty in the snow

building snowmen
getting togehter as family
big comfy sweaters and chunky knits
wearing those thick tights under dresses
homemade gingerbread
30) rushing home the weekend before Christmas (listening to “Driving home for christmas”…)
Schneeballschlacht / snowball fights
finally being able to wear all the scarves that you have knitted during summer
Bratäpfel / baked apples
packing presents
getting together with old friends again
lighting candles
Watching “Dinner for one” on New Year’s Eve
enjoying those crisp cold mornings when no-one is outside and the world seems to belong to you
the silence around you when you’re taking a walk in the snow
40) how Hettys dog Emily gets excited about the snow
mulled wine, punch and even more tea than we usually drink
the light and way the sky and clouds look, just before snow starts to fall
waking up to the sound of the snowplow and people clearing their driveways (I admit: this is only exciting the first time it happens each snow season)
the first flakes of snow
a cold red nose and rosy cheeks after a walk outside
taking advantage of long nights by getting more crafts done
making snow angels
planing a New years eve outfit
50) writing Christmas cards

Happy first of Advent from both of us! Hetty and Anna


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