Hetty, Studio

A festive golden pine cone garland

by Hetty

Golden pine cone garland
Golden pine cone garland

Some weeks ago I found some pine cones when I was going on a Sunday walk in Le Havre. The chances of finding good DIY material here are usually rather low, so I gracefully took all the pine cones that I could find and brought them home.

While I used some of the pine cones for my Advent Wreath, I was also totally up for doing a garland. As I have a really wide window which spans the whole front of my apartment, I wanted to have some Christmas decoration for this window.

Pine cone and bow
Pine cone and bow

Here’s what you need for a pine cone garland
8-10 pine cones
a long piece of thread
decoration ribbon in the colour you like (mine is gold)

Take the thread and knot the pine cones to it. To do this, wrap the thread around the pine cone at the highest point possible (the wide and flat side). Leave enough space between the cones so that they are evenly arranged on the thread.

A wintery garland
A wintery garland

Now, cut strips of the ribbon and tie it to the thread next to the pine cones. Make bows.
Now, you are ready to hang up your pine cone garland. Very traditional on mantles, but also very nice on windows or just on plain walls.

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