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One DIY a week: Salt dough bowls

by Anna

Bowls made from salt dough
Bowls made from salt dough

A new month, a new DIY a week. In December we are going to work with saltdough. Yes, that kind of dough that we experimented in kindergarten with and that’s made my mixing one cup of salt with one cup of flour and some water. Now, you’re good to go do your own crafts, right?
Bowls and mandarins
Bowls and mandarins

Except that it isn’t that easy as I learned. My salt dough was too runny. What had I done? There was spelt flour involved, some oil and too much water. It turned out anyway, still be sure to use wheat flour as I did for my second experiment later in this month’s mini-series.

You’ll need
1 cup salt
1 cup all-purpose flour
up to one cup of water
savoy cabbage leaves
bowls and dishes

Leaf-shaped dish
Leaf-shaped dish

I wanted bowls like these For my version I decided on the imprint of savoy cabbage leaves. For three bowls I used three leaves (the outer ones one does not eat anyway)
I put them on a little bowl, a longish dish and a soup plate that I placed upside down on the counter and smeared some olive oil on. Then I flattened my salt dough – use a rolling pin – and placed it on the cabbage leaf. I modeled the form of the dish and stuck them in the oven for 3 hours on medium heat.
Small leaf bowl
Small leaf bowl

Guess what happened? The cabbage leaf burned into the salt dough. Bummer. But the project was not lost yet. With my fingernails and the help of an old toothbrush I cleaned of as much of the cabbage as I could. Next step: white acrylic paint.

Now if you made a less sticky salt dough (my next project is pretty involved and I needed the dough to truly stay in shape, so less sticky but firmer) you could probably just get the imprint from the leaves and then remove them. But I will try and let you know. In case you are quicker than me, let me know, how it went!

Handmade bowl
Handmade bowl

It’s kind of tricky do get the paint into the cabbage leaf creases with a paint brush, next time I’ll use spray paint… Have a fun weekend! Schönen Nikolaustag für euch! Anna


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