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Red Wine Christmas Cake: An aromatic favorite

by Anna

Red Wine Christmas Cake
Red Wine Christmas Cake

Do we agree that chocolate and a glass of red wine can make the day? So what if threw in some cinnamon, vanilla and cocoa and made it into a cake? This is exactly what is in my favorite christmas cake. And even though this recipe calls for two loaf pans (that I replace with a star and a moon shaped cake tin) it is usually eaten so quickly during Advent that we need to make more for christmas. So even though it preserves well, it never sits around for long.
Red wine, chocolate and spices cake
Red wine, chocolate and spices cake

Red Wine Cake (also Spice Cake)
300g margarine
300 g brown sugar
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
6 eggs

1 1/2 teaspoons cinnamon
2 teaspoons cocoa
200g dark chocolate
150 ml red wine
300g flour (me: whole wheat einkorn flour)
5 level teaspoons baking powder (or one sachet)

Whisk soft margarine, brown sugar, vanilla extract and the eggs until you get a frothy texture.

Chopped chocolate bars
Chopped chocolate bars

Add cinnamon, cocoa, and baking powder and stir some more. Now we come to an essential part for me in making this cake: we “grate” the chocolate bars. I do so by putting them on a large board and cut “slices” with a long knife i.e. grate. One could also use chocolate drops or grate the chocolate with a machine, I just like to chop it this way for the differently sized “globs” of chocolate I get. Once the chocolate is chopped, add it to the mixture and pour in the red wine. Stir some.

Now the flour. I added half of it, whisked and added the other half before whisking again. Grease two cake tins. Distribute the batter evenly. Bake at 175°C (345F) for an hour. After baking for ten minutes cut in the surface of the cake.

Aromatic christmas cake
Aromatic christmas cake

I do not know what I have done this year to this cake, but the batter was so incredibly smooth, it was magic. Maybe it’s just the christmas magic? So follow my instructions closely (read: rather take more than less of each ingredient) and you should end up with a cake as moist as mine. Enjoy!


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