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Christmas Cookies from Linz

by Hetty

Christmas cookies from Linz
Christmas cookies from Linz

Every year in the time before Christmas, my godmother used to come around our house with a big bowl full of Christmas cookies. Those days were wonderful as she is a very good baker and made up to 20 different sorts of cookies every time. There were cinnamon stars, marzipan balls, brownies and of course there were jam cookies. That’s what my sisters and I used to call them. Only later did I find out that their original name are Linz’ Cookies (relating to the Austrian town Linz).

Even though I’m sure I’ll have some Christmas cookies from my godmother when I’m going home for Christmas this year, I decided to do the Linz cookies myself this year.

Jam filled cookies
Jam filled cookies

Here’s what you need
125g vegetable spread
50g sugar (icing sugar works even better)
150g flour
a dash of cinnamon
some jam (I used plum jam made from plums from our garden)
some icing sugar

Mix the vegetable spread and the sugar in a bowl and mix with the mixer until creamy. Add the flour and the cinnamon and knead with your hands until you get a smooth dough. This might be a little bit tricky as the dough is rather dry, but if you knead long enough you should be fine.

Christmas cookies with jam
Christmas cookies with jam

Roll out the dough on a lightly floured surface. Now use cookie cutters to shape the cookies. You always need two pieces of one form where the second one needs to have a hole in the middle. I used a sharp knife to cut in rounds, but if you have a smaller cookie cutter of the same form, this looks even nicer.

Place the cookies on a baking tray with baking paper and put them in the oven. Bake at 200°C for about 10 minutes. Take out the cookies and spread some jam on the still warm cookies (those without the holes). Place the second cookie on top and let cool down. As the cookies and the jam cool down, the two pieces will stick together.

Linzer Plätzchen
Linzer Plätzchen

If you want you can dust them with some icing sugar, otherwise just enjoy them like that!

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