Hetty, Studio

Quick and easy decoration: Very simple Christmas Lights

by Hetty

Very simple christmas lanterns
Very simple christmas lanterns

I have to admit that I am someone who likes to keep stuff that “could one day be used for DIY”. It’s not messy-like, but there’s always something in a little box under my kitchen shelf. There’s stuff like empty cans and jars and candles….
Pretty DIY lights
Pretty DIY lights

When I saw some mason jar ideas on Pinterest, I immediately had to think of two very small glass jars that I kept in that box. The DIY I saw were basically three mason jars with “O holy night” written on them.

Here’s what you need
glass jars
a sharpie
some gold (or other colour) ribbon

Script decor lights
Script decor lights

For my version I decided to go with the German version of a very classic Christmas song: Stille Nacht (Silent Night). On the first jar I wrote “Stille Nacht” and on the second one “Heilige Nacht” (holy night). Then I cut the ribbon and tied it around the upper part of the jar. For the first one I had enough to bind the bow, for the second one I almost ran out of ribbon which is why it just has the ribbon without a bow.
Rock and glass christmas decor
Rock and glass christmas decor

Place some tealights in the jars and enjoy your Christmas Decoration.

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