Anna, Bar, Hetty

Apple cinnamon christmas cocktail

by Anna

Apple cider, liqueur and juice
Apple cider, liqueur and juice

When I was in Le Havre visiting Hetty she had planned that we would spend each evening making a new (to us) meal, inventing a cocktail and watching a movie. And so we did. Obviously we had to think ahead and plan for christmas. Hetty had already made a liqueur, the apple cinnamon liqueur that she already shared here. It was time to taste it and so we did.

Drinking it as a liqueur qualified for one evenings “new cocktail”, however it inspired more: A long drink along the lines of “spiced apple cider cinnamon drink”. This was the working title. Sounds christmassy, don’t you think? That’s why we renamed it. Still, it remains a spiced apple cider cinnamon drink…

Cider cinnamon cocktail
Cider cinnamon cocktail

Apple cinnamon christmas drink
1 part apple cinnamon liqueur
2 parts amaretto
3 parts cider brut (not the sweet stuff)
unfiltered apple juice

To us, one part means about one shot glass. So just mix liqueur, amaretto and cider and fill up with the unfiltered apple juice. Decorate with apple slices and use candy cane colored straws. That’s it! We really enjoyed this drink to get in the christmas mood and hope you do, too! Happy christmassy cocktail hour!

A christmassy longdrink
A christmassy longdrink

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