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Ottilienkuchen (Ottilies cake): Another holiday favorite

by Anna


Ottilie, I have no idea who this lady was, but she sure made a great christmas cake. Or was it just named after her? It is the second favorite christmas cake if I had to make a choice, because nothing beats the red wine cake.

Anyway, this one is a hand-me-down recipe and involves chocolate as well. And it is supposed to have candied orange or lemon peel in it. Thing is: candied lemon peel is not my favorite. Thus: no candied peel in my Ottilienkuchen. However I learned the other day that candied peel bought at whole foods or organic stores is the real (and good) thing. Knowing this makes me want to try baking this cake again WITH candied peel. Ok, enough talk, let’s get to baking!

Another favorite christmas cake
Another favorite christmas cake

250g vegetable spread
200g brown sugar
some vanilla extract
4 eggs
a dash rhum
200g flour (me: wholewheat einkorn flour)
1 teaspoon baking powder
100g almonds (can already be ground)
75g chocolate

Cream the vegetable spread. Add one by one sugar, vanilla extract and eggs. Pour the rhum.
In a sieve combine flour and one teaspoon baking powder and add it to the wet ingredients. Whisk.

Ottilies christmas cake
Ottilies christmas cake

Chop the chocolate as seen here. Ground the almonds in the food processor or with a quern. If you choose to use candied peel, it’s best to grind both together as it will be less sticky. Fold in ground almonds and chopped chocolate gently.
Almonds and chocolate christmas cake
Almonds and chocolate christmas cake

Pour the batter in a loaf pan. Bake for 70 minutes at 175 degrees celsius (350F) and turn off the oven for the last ten minutes of baking. Enjoy!
Favorites everywhere: christmas baking
Favorites everywhere: christmas baking

Looking at the clock, I would still have an hour and a half until my organic store closes. Should I run get some candied peel? While I try to decided I wish you happy christmas baking!

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