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Matching knits: Glittery pullover and hat

by Hetty

Hettys wavy moss hat
Hettys wavy moss hat

I don’t know what you think about wearing exactly matching items of clothing (in the sense of being from absolutely the same material), but to me it always seemed a little bit odd. Think of Britney’s and Justin’s all-jeans outfit years (ages to me) ago. You get what I mean?

But then there are other situations in which matching items could work really well. If the overall ratio of matching items to the rest of your outfit is good and you don’t get overwhelmed by matching matchiness (does that word exist… ? I don’t think so), you can get away with it really well.

Big cable pull-over made by Hetty
Big cable pull-over made by Hetty

My two matching items (you knew that this would come, don’t you) are of the latter category. Not only because they are rather subtle, but also because only one is a “real” piece of clothing, the other one is a piece of accessory. Additionally, I usually don’t wear them in a way that you would actually see them together.

I’m talking about a pullover and a hat that I knitted from the same yarn. It’s a beautiful teal yarn with lurex threads that keeps you really, really warm. The pullover is Big Cable Pull , the pattern is from ravelry and the hat is the Wavy moss hat, from ravelry as well. While the pullover gave me some trouble, which is mostly due to the pattern that shows much potential for improvement, the hat is really easy to knit. I made another one for my sister and now my youngest sister is also claiming one for her. Definitively going to be one of my all-time favourites.

Pretty in knits
Pretty in knits

However, the pullover is a good one for cold weather and kept me warm even on a cold and windy beach at the Baltic Sea in March this year when it was still freezing in Germany.

All photos taken in a park in Honfleur, France


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